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Synthetic heat transfer fluid designed to use in vapor phase systems for operational temperature from 257˚C - 400˚C (495˚F - 750˚F) or in liquid phase systems for operational temperature from 12˚C - 400˚C (54˚F - 750˚F).

Therminol VP-1 heat transfer fluid is a synthetic heat transfer fluid designed to meet the demanding requirements of vapor phase systems from 257˚C - 400˚C (495˚F - 750˚F) or liquid phase systems from 12˚C - 400˚C (54˚F - 750˚F) . Performance features of Therminol VP-1 include:

Superb Heat Transfer Properties - Therminol VP-1 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid which combines exceptional thermal stability and low viscosity for efficient, dependable, uniform performance in a wide optimum use range of 12° C - 400° C (54° F to 750° F). Therminol VP-1 has the highest thermal stability of all organic heat transfer fluids.

Vapor Phase Heat Transfer Fluid - Therminol VP-1 is a eutectic mixture of 73.5% diphenyl oxide (DPO) and 26.5% biphenyl. It can be used as a liquid heat transfer fluid or as a boiling-condensing heat transfer medium up to its maximum use temperature. It is miscible and interchangeable (for top-up or design purposes) with other similarly constituted diphenyl-oxide (DPO)/biphenyl fluids.

Low Viscosity - Therminol VP-1 has a low viscosity to 12°C(54° F). Because of its crystallization point of 12°C (54° F), this fluid may require tracing in colder climates to avoid operational problems.

Temperature Control - Due to its ability to operate as a vapor phase heat transfer fluid, Therminol VP-1 is superb for use in heat transfer fluid systems requiring very precise temperature control.


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